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Why Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Why you need a Servo Voltage Stabilizer or Automatic Voltage Regulator or Controller ?

We have seen that In spite of continuous work and pain taking efforts from Electricity distribution Boards and Electricity Supply Establishments the voltage at consumer end is never stable . The primary reason for Voltage Fluctuations is the different peak load duty arising in electrical transmissions and electrical supply distribution channel . It is observed that in the day time when the peak load requirements is more like in summers the voltage remains quite low due to poor transmission channel and on the contrary during night it goes up than the normal voltage when the Peak demand is Low. One possible solution is to get in touch with a reputed Servo Voltage Stabilizer manufacturer from a nearby Area and arrange for a site inspection.


As a result of these never ending and continuous voltage fluctuations there is frequent Trippings and sudden Breakdown of the systems and allied machines/ precious equipment's resulting into uncontrollable losses and low production. Frequent Input Voltage Variations seriously affects the performance of these costly and sophisticated machines and thereby its important to manage the input voltage variation effectively and provide a stable constant voltage at output by using purevolt superior quality Servo Voltage Stabilizers which are available in 1 or 3 Phase.


Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer Purevolt is Exporter of Automatic type Voltage Stabilizer and Supplier of Voltage Controller and automatic voltage regulator which can overcome and control these voltage fluctuations & can provide you with the optimum required output voltages. Our every Automatic Voltage Regulator fabricated out of the factory undergoes strict and controlled inspection and routine testing. Specific models of Servo Voltage Stabilizer offers protection against over loading, short circuit protection, under – Over voltage etc.


Automatic Voltage Controller and Voltage Stabilizers manufactured by Purevolt are duly Tested & Approved by Govt. lab Electronic Test & Development Center (ETDC) & are designed As per relevant IS 9815; 1994 Standards. The construction design of Servo stabilizers manufacture purevolt is very reliable as they uses variable auto transformers or Variac or dimmerstat in combination with series transformer or Buck Boost Transformers to meet the relevant international and national quality and safety standards. These are popularly referred as voltage stabilizer in several states or automatic voltage controller in other areas, the primary aim is the control the voltage fluctuation and achieve desired output voltage by installing branded Servo Voltage Stabilizer from a renowned manufacturer like Purevolt.


These Voltage Stabilizer and Voltage Regulators are available in a vast choice of Input and Output Voltage range suitable for various applications in industries, institutions and residences etc. having indigenous, imported sophisticated machines / instrument / gadgets etc.


Are these Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Voltage Regulator or Voltage Controller the Same thing??

To an extent we can say that the functioning of these Stabilizers and Unit is same ie. To control the voltage fluctuation and provide constant output voltage. However these stabilizers differ with respect to their construction design and style, output Regulation Capabilities etc. The Automatic Voltage Regulator and Voltage Stabilizers are the same product and in some area one word is popular and in some areas other word is possible. Both of these regulator and Stabilizers are made using a Toroidal Type or EI type Transformer with a combination of relays to maintain output voltage within range of + - 10 % regulations. These Voltage Regulator are automatic type and mostly used in Domestic and Home Applications.


However for the manufacturing of Servo type Voltage Stabilizer or Automatic Voltage Controllers , We uses a combination of Variable Auto Transformer popularly known as Variac , Buck and Boost Transformer along with AC Synchronous Servo Motor . the Size of these components changes with the change in required KVA ratings accordingly. the best part of these Stabilizers is that they provide output regulation of + - 1 % which is best for industrial and commercial use.


So its advice for consumers to check their requirements in details before purchasing and deciding to spend on these Servo Stabilizer or Voltage Controllers .

In Conclusion, today there are different types of automatic voltage stabilizers which are both cost-efficient and reliable. There are different types which can be used to supply input voltage to some extent. However, the best automatic voltage stabilizers can be purchased from online stores. For further information about AVR please contact purevolt and you will be glad you did.

We are exporting these Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Automatic Voltage Regulator, Automatic Voltage Controller to lot of countries and for use with different types of machineries. These Voltage Regulators and Controllers are available in rating of 60 KVA, 75 KVA, 100 KVA, 150 KVA, 200 KVA, 300 KVA, 400 KVA, 500 KVA, 600 KVA, 800 KVA, 1000 KVA, 1500 KVA , 2000 KVA. It is suitable for Domestic and Industrial Use, Application. Purevolt is largest exporter of Servo Voltage Stabilizers to Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Iraq, Dubai, UAE, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Israel, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Australia, Mauritius .

Rating Available: 1 KVA to 2000 KVA
(Special ranges also available on request)

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Why Servo Voltage Stabilizer

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