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We manufacture 3 Phase Variacs & Variable Auto Transformer meant for use with laboratories and housed in metal sheet enclosures duly powder coated. All Input and Output connections are brought out and terminated on insulated terminals duly marked for easy connection. Single & Three Phase Variable Auto Transformer or Variac made in open execution are meant for use inside the control panels and other testing equipments.


The above variacs are available in following ratings. 4 A, 5 A, 6 A, 8 A, 10 A, 15 A, 20 A, 28 A, 32 A, 40 A, 50 A, 60 A, 75 A & 100 A, 150 A, 200 A, 250 A, Higher ratings can be supplied up to 1800 AMPS against specific requirements.


SALIENT FEATURES for Dimmerstat / Variable Auto Transformers :
Continuously Variable Auto Transformers have many operating advantages and conveniencesover other manually operated voltage control devices for alternating current use. Some of the features are mentioned below :
Smooth Control:
The Variac / dimmerstat can be set to any output voltage within its range. Output voltage is continuously adjustable from zero to maximum. As voltage between turns is small and as the bush arm is in constant contact with more than one turn, harmful sparkling is avoided and output can be set very easily to a fraction of a volt from zero onwards by rotation of the knob.
Low Operating Torque :
A glass smooth commutator, special sintered bushings for the shaft and perfect assembling of the coils, result in low operating torque for our auto-transformers.
Small Size:
The variable Auto Transformers is much smaller than any other type of control of equal rating
Better Efficiency:
Very low losses under all loud conditions. Toroidal Variable Auto Transformer have low-loss grain oriented strip wound cores. Careful copper core selection and design assures the user of low watt loss as compared to other types of controllers.
No wave form distortion:
Our variacs provide an output voltage wave from which is a faithful and distortion less replica of the input voltage wave form.
Better Regulation:
Output voltage is substantially independent of loud. The drop in voltage from 'no load' to 'full load' is minimal in our variacs.
Linear Output Volts:
Output Voltage varies linearly with angle of rotation of control knob.
Temperature rise:
Less than 50 deg.C for continuous duty.
Advanced Design:
Excellent electrical specification is matched by rugged, compact construction. Brush replacement is simple and convenient. Two, three or more units can be ganged on one shaft for series, parallel or three-phase operation.
Long Life:
When used correctly the Variacs has a very long operating life. The life of a Variacs is essentially the same as that of any standard fixed ratio power transformer.
Rugged Construction:
Our variacs are designed for heavy duty trouble free operations. All components are designed to give maximum life to the unit under extreme operating conditions.
Low Magnetic Current:
By using an adequate section of the high quality grain oriented silicon steel, the iron losses are controlled to the minimum. The no load current is invariably less than 1% of the rated current.
Variacs have been designed to guarantee performance. Therefore no special care needs to be taken in normal working conditions. Timely replacement of carbon tips and cleaning of the commutator surface of foreign particles and accumulated dust will ensure a considerably long, maintenance free and interrupted life to the unit.

Variacs fitted with voltmeter, ammeter, fuse, switch, pilot lamp etc. can be made in Enclosed type models with extra cost. For the control of the contact arm for a remote point, or automatic control of the output voltage, Variac can be made with a motor drive. The motor is coupled to the central shaft of the Variac and as motor rotates, the contact arm moves over the plated surface. The motors are noiseless in operation and work on 240 – 50 Hz single phase AC. The rotation of the motor can be reversed by interchanging the motor connection by means of a SPDT switch.

Precise design assembly of the brush (at a constant pressure to a smoothly finished and securely bonded commutator surface provides excellent mechanical performance, long life, and low-driving torque. Brush replacement is seldom needed, but it is easily performed. High safety margins of voltage, current-carrying capacity and dielectric strength are why you can expect longer life .
Mounting of units is convenient and easy. Most Series units are designed with an adjustable shaft to accommodate either bench or panel mount (adjustable to accommodate varying panel thickness). Terminals are easily accessible; screw, lug or solder design. Connections deliver increasing output voltage with either clockwise or counter-clockwise knob rotation. Manually operated units have standard dials graduated 0-100% or 0-270V (output voltage).

We can also provide you DC & AC Auto Transformers or DC Variacs, DC Dimmerstat with option of DC and AC output. We also provide additional features like MCCB, Motorized Operation, Remote Extension etc.

Rating Available: 2 Amp to 1800 Amp
Air / Oil Cooled and Single / Three Phase
(Special ranges also available on request

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Technical Feature

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