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Manual Variable Auto Transformer Variac

We are engaged into manufacturing and supplying of manually operated variable auto transformers which are popularly known as variacs or dimmerstat.


These manually operated variacs / dimmers are made both in single phase and three phase and can be used for various applications. the normal output range in single phase variacs is 0 to 270 volt and 0 to 470 volt in three phase. We manufacture and supply single / three phase open type and enclosed variable transformers for panel mounting type. the manually operated variacs or dimmerstat comes with a knob and the dial plate so that voltages can be increased or decreased manually with the help of this knob in a controlled manner.


Any desired voltage within the maximum range can be obtained by adjusting the position of the brush. the calibrated dial reads approximately the output voltage at no-load, when the input is at its rated value. rotation of the brush arm by manual of motor drive delivers an output voltage from zero to or above line voltage. Made using high-end technology and quality materials, furthermore, we also have the facility to supply higher output voltage as per customer's choice with features like voltmeter, ammeter, motorization and enclosure.

Rating Available: 2 Amp to 1800 Amp
Air / Oil Cooled and Single / Three Phase

(Special ranges also available on request)

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Manual Variable Auto Transformer Variac

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