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Industrial Automatic Voltage Regulator

We are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of industrial automatic voltage regulator which are been used for various applications and are widely known as servo voltage stabilizers or regulators.. It is a proven fact that the electricity supply is not stable in most parts of the world because of which we are compelled to use additional devices such as industrial automatic voltage regulator for overcoming the short falls in electricity supply.


In case of voltage coming higher than the required voltage or voltage coming lower than the desired voltage in industrial areas, we need to use industrial automatic voltage regulator to manage and maintain a stable supply to our equipments so that they work efficiently. Considering the above facts, industrial automatic voltage regulator are designed and manufactured by us for the healthy operation of sophisticated equipments for every industry and various applications.


The industrial automatic voltage regulator which are also know as Servo type Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are based on the principle of feedback information and consists of variable transformer and buck boost transformer. These regulators are high speed electromechanical regulators and are manufactured using the latest technology so as to provide constant voltage for supplying the desired voltage. industrial automatic voltage regulator are the best product available in the country.


The industrial automatic voltage regulator is made both in 1 phase or 3 phase arrangements with basic specifications as under:


General Technical Specifications of Industrial Automatic Voltage Regulator



Unbalanced / Balanced Type

Input Voltage

200 – 280 V AC
170 - 270 V AC
140 – 280 V AC
110 – 280 V AC

340 – 480 V AC
300 – 460 V AC
240 – 480 V AC
190 – 480 V AC

Output Voltage

230 V ± 1 %

400 V ± 1 %

Output Adjustable

220 – 240 V AC)

380 – 415 V AC



Star / Star


47- 53 Hz

System Design

As per IS : 9815 : 1994


Class B

Wave from Distortion


Effect of Load Power Factor


Type of Cooling

Air / Oil Cooled

Speed of Correction

>than 20 V / Sec.


± 1.0% from No Load to full load.

Ambient Temperature

0° to 55° C


Designed for indoor continuous operation

Rating Available

1 KVA to 2000 KVA

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Industrial Automatic Voltage Regulator

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