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 According to study by Bells labs, under voltage & sudden dips represents the majority of the Power related problems. The power related problems includes Low Voltage, High Voltage, Voltage Fluctuations etc. The Non Reliable / Distorted Mains Supply carries Surges, Spikes, Line Noises, Voltage Fluctuations etc as a result of which there is always a possibility of our sensitive equipments & machines getting damaged. So you can avoid all the above by using Purevolt's Sine Wave Online Ups which are manufactured with state of the are IGBT technology combined with Isolation Transformer to give you pure sine wave output. They are popularly called as Sine Wave Online Ups also.


Purevolt's IGBT Based Sine wave Online UPS is an advanced True Online Ups or Uninterrupted Power system, which produces reliable and pure sine wave power to various Equipment, ranging from Computers, Data Processing, Tele-Communication, Medical Diagnostic, Biomedical equipments, Medical Activities, Sensitive / Critical Processing Units (CNC's/PLC's). The OnLine design enables the system to adjust & filter power fluctuations continuously and automatically under power normal conditions. During Power Failure, These Sine Wave Online Ups can provide immediate back up power from batteries without any interruption. Once the power is restored the Online Ups shall again work on mains & the Sine Wave Ups internal battery charger will charge the batteries. The features of this 3 phase Online UPS India are wide input voltage window, long backup capability and high inrush current delivery. Low Power factor is the main problem in any 3 phase online UPS and by using IGBT based charger technology we can overcome this problem. Now IGBT based technology is boon to 3 phase online UPS manufacturers in India.


Our Sine wave Online UPS which are IGBT Based are duly Tested & Approved by Govt. lab Electronic Test & Development Center (ETDC) & are manufactured As per relevant IS Standards.


We manufacture these Online Ups with Galvanic Isolation via Transformer which provided continuous and un-interrupted power supply system. These Isolation Transformer used with Online Ups eliminates problems such as common mode noise, neutral and earth potential drifts which causes irreparable loss.


We offer these sine wave online ups on parallel redundant Ups or hot standby ups configurations also as per specific requirements of customer. We manufacture and supply these online ups in both Single Phase & Three phase supply.

Types of Sine wave Online UPS

Single Phase Input – Single Phase Output (1 KVA – 10 KVA)
Three Phase Input – Single Phase Output (3 KVA – 60 KVA)
Three Phase Input – Three Phase Output (3 KVA – 60 KVA)


Rating available: 1 KVA – 60 KVA 

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