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CVT manufacturer Purevoltis supplier of Constant voltage transformer which are most preferred transformer over conventional stabilizers. This is due to the difference that the voltage stabilizers have electromagnetic relays that are when switched leads to the interruption in output voltage for a short time. This scenario and delay in switching cause damage to the electric equipment like computers and others. CVT ensures complete protection against spikes and also provide the controlled output voltage.


Purevolt, a renowned exporter, manufacture the CVT with ferro resonant technology; placing its winding separately. We have a highly capable team of technicians for ensuring that the transformer is manufactured at par with the set norms and according to the specific requirements of the customers. The transformer has been widely demanded in Bio-med equipment, Fax, Telecom Equipment, Color photography lab, High Sensitive machines and many other industries.


Purevolt's Constant Voltage Transformer has been designed to give you total protection against power related problems. Constant Voltage Transformer effectively regulates voltage variation, suppresses transients (ISOLATION) and bridges the short interruptions/dips. We also export these Constant Voltage Transformers to Various countries.


Input voltage :
180 V - 260 V at the rated power. At lesser loads, the "Low Voltage" limit is increased automatically. Short term high Input Voltages shall not affect the load side. Purevolt CVT can handle upto 300 volts for 10 min. and shall deliver the rated output voltage during this period. A MCB/FUSE has been incorporated on the input side or the CVT so that in case of persistent high current (normally caused because of high voltages occurring on account of a weak neutral) the same shall protect the CVT. The Constant Voltage Transformer ensures that even if more than the specified input voltage is applied the equipment does not ever see damaging high voltage.


Output Voltage :
220 V to 230 V from no load to full load or a line voltage swing from 180V to 260 V.


Line Frequency :
50 Hz +- 1%. All specifications relate to 50 HZ. For every 1% change in the line frequency, the output voltage changes by 1.6 %. The special feature incorporated in the PUREVOLT CVT is that it has a very wide tolerance of the load power factor within the specified line frequency limits.


Output Waveform :
the output waveform of Purevolt CVT is sinosidal and the waveform distortion is limited to 5% under full load conditions at typical input.


Voltage Correction Speed :
Changes in supply voltage are normally corrected within half cycle i.e within 10 ms.


Output Step Load Response :
2 cycles (30 to 40 ms)


Since the input and output voltages are separated not only electrically, but physically also, by magnetic shunt, Purevolt's Constant Voltage Transformer has stronger isolation effect then a normal transformer. The isolation effectively strips away the high frequency components of the normal mode noise and the neutral to ground bonding creates a short circuit path for the common mode noise. 

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