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High Frequency

Purevolt is manufacturing the 3 Phase Sine Wave Online Ups and we are one of the Pioneer in the sector of 3 Phase Online Ups and are touted as reliable manufacturer of these Industrial and Online Ups. Our Sine Wave Ups are suitable for Indian or African Power conditions to make it a best choice. These Ups are manufactured as both 1 Phase Online Ups and 3 Phase Online Ups.


Our Online Ups Provides Computer Grade Line Conditioning with Isolation, The Superior full time isolation Transformer is built into all our Online UPS. The Output of these Sine Wave Ups is fully isolated by double conversion &using ultra isolation transformer at output of Ups. There is No need to have extra isolation transformer as required for Imported high frequency Ups Systems. We also offer these online Ups with Remote Monitoring & Control through SNMP / Internet at extra cost.


A most advanced technology UPS, brings new level of efficiency and reliability in single-phase design. It is an innovative, microprocessor based, hi-frequency, active PF corrected, true online double conversion UPS with total control on harmonics at both input and output. Hi-Frequency technology specially developed for high crest factor loads, responds swiftly for changes in load ensuring superior quality power to the loads.


• Wide Input Window
• Generator Compatible
• Computer Grade Power
• Superior Float Cum Boost Charger
• IGBT Based Hi - Frequency PWM Inverter
• O/P Distortion < 3%
• Inverter Efficiency > 92%
• High crest factor > 4 : 1
• Crystal controlled output frequency 50 Hz ± 0.01%
• Low noise < 50 db upto 10 KVA
• Compact, sleek design
• Backup up to 8 Hrs
• RS 232 C / SNMP Interface
• Tested. by Reputed Agencies


We offer these online Ups in various configurations such as

• Stand Alone True Online UPS.
• Dual Redundant Hot Standby type UPS
• Parallel Redundant Load sharing type UPS


Types of Sine wave Online UPS

Single Phase Input – Single Phase Output (1 KVA – 10 KVA)
Three Phase Input – Single Phase Output (3 KVA – 100 KVA)
Three Phase Input – Three Phase Output (3 KVA – 100 KVA)

Rating available: 1 KVA – 100 KVA 

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High Frequency

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