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Dimmer Application

Purevolt is a established manufacturer of Motorized type dimmerstat and poplular exporter of Variable Auto Transformers to various countries. These Dimmerstat or Variacare made in both 1 phase and 3 phase constructions and have Different Sweep Time For The Speed Control Through The Gears. These variac are Designed For Heavy Duty Trouble Free Operation ,All Components Are Designed To Give Maximum Life To The Unit Under Extreme Operating Conditions. As we are exporter of these variable transformer which are designed with special configurations as per customer requirements so that they can be exported in ready to use configurations.


We are supplierof Variacs and 3 phase Dimmerstat which operates on a nominal voltage of 240 V A.C on 1 phase voltage & can give output voltage anywhere between 0 – 290 V, by a simple transformer action. Similarly these variac operate on 415 V AC for 3 phase supply and Vice Versa. These Variable Auto Transformers can be used in various types of applications. Dimmerstat can be used foroutput supply voltage adjustment, boosting of low lines and line voltage stabilization, either manually or automatically in automatic voltage stabilizers. Voltage and current control in development and experimental work.
Some other applications of dimmerstat and variable transformer are listed below :


• Over and under voltage testing of electrical and electronic equipment.
• Heat control of ovens, furnaces, infra-red heaters etc…
• Testing and calibration of voltmeters, ammeters, watt meters etc…
• Built in as an integral control element in electrical, electronic and automatic control and process equipment.
• Lighting control in theatres, auditoriums, hotels.
• Restaurants, photographic studios and darkrooms etc...
• Motor speed control either direct or through suitable circuits.
• Control of DC voltage and current through rectifiers.
• Control of rectifiers in electroplating etc

Rating Available: 2 Amp to 1800 Amp
Air / Oil Cooled and Single / Three Phase

(Special ranges also available on request)

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Dimmer Application

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