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Purevolt's Constant Voltage Transformer has been designed to give you total protection against power related problems. Constant Voltage Transformer effectively regulates voltage variation, suppresses transients (ISOLATION) and bridges the short interruptions/dips. We also export these Constant Voltage Transformers to Various countries.


Voltage Variations / Fluctuations and Principle of Operation: -
the phenomenon which makes the CVT special, is "Ferro Resonance". This is achieved by resonating of the output secondary coil with selected high stability capacitors. This resonant circuit is so dimensioned that the secondary part of the transformer core is separated during each half cycle. In this way the output voltage of the transformer is nearly constant even for large variation in the Input Voltages. By design Purevolt's CVT has sinusoidal waveform. All problems related to variation / fluctuations in Voltages are affectively handled because of this principle and a constant voltage output of +- 1% is given by Purevolt CVT.


Transient/Noise (spikes):-
In our ferro resonant type transformer or cvtthe primary and secondary/sides are separated by large air gap and a magnetic shunt. The combined inductance and capacitance are radically reduced because of this and thereby it gives an effective protection against asymmetric voltage transient. There also exists a phase difference between the input and output voltage in Purevolt CVT. the phase shift varies with the magnitude of load and change in line voltage and helps in suppression of noise. The isolation between the primary and secondary strips away the high frequency components of the normal mode noise and the neutral to ground bonding on the secondary side causes a short circuit for the common mode noise.


Short Interruptions & Dips:-
the output of the cvt is taken from the saturated secondary section of the transformer which has an energy reserve close to 5 -10 ms at full load. This feature is responsible for bridging the small interruptions and large dips in line voltage. i.e. for small duration of power breaks (caused because of phase compensations, switching On/Off of heavy electrical equipment, the Purevolt CVT continues to deliver power from its own energy reserve.


The PUREVOLT CVT combines the feature of three different line conditioning / protection equipment, viz. Line filters /Surge Suppressor, Servo stabilizers and Isolation Transformers.  

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